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About the Department

Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) of the University of Rajasthan was established on 11 Oct. 1975 by Prof. Iqbal Narain, an eminent social scientist. The main objective of the centre is to impart greater scientific vigour to research activities and promote interdisciplinary perspective particularly in the realm of Social Sciences. The Centre works towards facilitating and coordinating inter-disciplinary orientation and research. The SSRC is committed to improve the research activities in the Departments of Social Sciences and also to coordinate research and other relevant activities in the centre. The Specific Objectives of The Centre Are:

  • To promote research in general, and interdisciplinary research in particular, both within and beyond the faculty of social sciences.
  • Arranging symposia and seminars around interdisciplinary themes with the help of academic community spread over different disciplines.
  • Encouraging publications of interdisciplinary character.
  • Facilitating co-ordination and interaction amongst faculty of social science.
  • To foster ties with research institutes outside the University.
  • The Centre ties with research institutes and is well equipped with computing facilities including a local area network with its own dial-in server for internet access and optical scanning equipment. Also a smart class-room is being installed for research scholars.In 2010 Centre has launched an annual interdisciplinary Social Science Journal "Social Science Explorer" and the Centre recently published of VolumeXI, 2020-21. SSRC also extends counselling, guidance and other opportunities for students and research scholars .